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U.S. Forest Service rangers meeting group portrait (Monte Vista, Colo.)

 Names, titles, and forests of the individuals pictured:

1.      John Cline, Ranger, Cochetopa.

2.      Raphael Zon, Washington, D. C.

3.      Frank Bowers, Ranger, Cochetopa.

4.      Lewis Swallow, Ranger, San Isabel.

5.      W. B. Willey, Ranger, San Isabel.

6.      Mark Healey, Ranger, San Juan.

7.      O. S. Macklefresh, Ranger, San Juan.

8.      Lee Sweitzer, Ranger, San Juan.

9.      Hugh Curry, Ranger, San Juan.

10.  Lucas J. Chaves, Ranger, San Juan.

11.  Theodore Shoemaker, Ranger, San Isabel.

12.  C. E. Bradt, Ranger, San Juan.

13.  Albert Hoffman, Ranger, San Isabel.

14.  Walter Shellabarger, Ranger, San Isabel.

15.  George F. Pollock, Office of Law, Washington, D. C.

16.  Homer Potts, Ranger, Las Animas.

17.  E. E. Chapson, Ranger, San Juan.

18.  Asa Arnold, Ranger, Las Animas.

19.  F. C. Spencer, Surpervisor, San Juan.

20.  L. F. Kneipp, Grazing, Wanshington, D. C.

21.  Ress Philips, Ranger, San Juan.

22.  C. J. Stahl, Supervisor, San Isabel

23.  J. S. Homan, Forest Management, Washington, D. C.

24.  E. E. Hathaway, Ranger, San Juan.

25.  D. E. Fitton, Supervisor, Las Animas.

26.  E. E. Carter, Forest Management, Washington, D. C.

27.  Arthur Hicks, Ranger, Cochetopa.

28.  Eugene Williams, Supervisor, Cochetopa.

29.  Smith Riley, Chief Inspector, Denver.

30.  Leslie Alexander, Ranger, Cochetopa.

31.  John Neidhardt, Ranger, Cochetopa.

32.  Tibo Gallegos, Ranger, Cochetopa.

33.  Clyde Leavett, Operation, Washington, D. C.

34.  A. L. Strawn, Ranger, San Juan.

35.  Phil Collidge, Forest Assistant, San Juan.

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