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Collections M 001 and P 004:
Fort Lewis -- Fort, School and College -- digital images from the Fort Lewis College archives

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Digital images of the Old Fort Lewis

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Use note: these items are preserved for the use of researchers who have a need for using them in the course of scholarly research.  The original items may be used under the supervision of the archival / library staff of the Center of Southwest Studies.  We have provided digital image access to all of the drawings; please follow the hyperlinks below to view those images.  The digital images are protected by copyright and are provided here solely for research use and personal enjoyment.

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Processing informationTo preserve the originals and to provide access to their content, the Center's archival staff have placed each item into an archival enclosure and have produced high-resolution digital images, accessible on this and the hyperlinked pages in lower-resolution thumbnail and access images.

This guide was produced by Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist, Center of Southwest Studies (December 2004).

Descriptive list of the images

Listed in approximate chronological order.

Title Description Thumbnail picture and link to access image
Fort Lewis military post, September 1881 An early overview of Fort Lewis.
Fort Lewis military post, circa 1890s Photo by Frank Gonner (Durango, Colo.)  The original is at Colorado State University Archives.
School buildings at the Fort Lewis School of Agriculture, near Hesperus, Colorado This is a summer-time view of the row of brick buildings at the old Fort Lewis School campus.  J. Lewis Halles, writing the postcard from Mancos (Colo.) on October 18, informs Dean George F. Snyder that Halls "shall not be able to come till the 2nd semester."
G. F. Snyder and his wife Daisy Snyder, circa 1930 George F. Snyder was the Dean of the Fort Lewis School from 1915 until 1934. The 1934 postcard (also shown on the larger-view web page-- it used the same portraits of the couple) was prepared shortly after Dean Snyder's death in 1934. Apparently, Dean Snyder fell on campus and died from complications of having hit his head.
Aggies cheerleaders, circa 1955-1956 Fort Lewis became a junior college in 1933 as a branch of Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.  At first in 1933, however, the school was excited about being "Beavers."  The mascot was changed to the Raiders in 1962 when the college was no longer an Agricultural and Mechanical school.
Map of the Hesperus campus shortly before the College was moved to Durango Fort Lewis A & M College (Hesperus, Colo.) map of buildings and service lines, circa 1940s (?), from Series 20.D.5 in the College Archives.  This map measures 16" high by 24" wide.  We have presented the map here in two halves so that it will contain enough detail to be legible.
The Peace Pipe (Vol. 1, No. 1), 1962 June 29 This was the first (and we suspect the only) issue of a newspaper published by the former Office of Information and Services on June 29, 1962 to tell the story of two summer workshops held on the Fort Lewis College campus for Bureau of Indian Affairs instructional aides and food-service personnel.
Ollie Mallett driving the 1923 Nash Touring Car in a parade (Durango, Colo.) This car is in the possession of Fort Lewis College (it needs a new second gear in order to be functional).  The vehicle was conveyed to Fort Lewis A&M College on July 9, 1955.  Sheri Rochford remembers former FLC President Rexer Berndt telling her the car was given to be used in parades, etc., to showcase Fort Lewis College. One of these was the Fiesta Parade, an annual event in Durango that attracted many outsiders.  In a memo dated July 12, 1955 (Series 11.D.1 in the FLC Archives) FLC President Charles Dale Rea wrote that he had purchased this car for this purpose, and was willing to sell it to Fort Lewis A&M for $450 under the condition that it be retained by the College and maintained in a state of good repair and that if for any reason the College desires to dispose of it Dr. Rea or his heirs would be given the opportunity to re-purchase it for $450.
Aerial view of the Fort Lewis College campus and much of Durango, Colorado, on April 6, 1994 by Merrick & Company (Denver, Colo.), using Donahue camera
View of the entrance to the Center of Southwest Studies, 2003 by Ed Lederman, volunteer at the Center of Southwest Studies.

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