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Collection P 051:
Tom O. and H. Lucille Kimball Indian Collection photographs inventory

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Photos from the Tom O. and H. Lucille Kimball Indian Collection
©2003 by Fort Lewis College Foundation, Center of Southwest Studies account

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Introduction/ Scope and contents

P 051:
Tom O. and H. Lucille Kimball Indian Collection photographs
Bulk years when these photo images were created: 1920-1950
39 photographic images; none of these items circulate, but digital or print copies are a possibility

This collection consists of 39 historic photo images of Native Americans of the Southwest.  These include (as the Center of Southwest Studies' accession 2003:04003.01) sixteen photographs by the Pennington Studios of Durango, Colorado, and one photograph by Matthew Brady.  Those are photoprints P051001 [which actually seems to be a photograph by Benjamin Ochsner] through P051017, using the Center's photoprint numbering system.  The collection also includes (as accession 2003:05015.01) views of  Mesa Verde (these are photoprints P051018 through P051039) and (accession 2003:05015.02, a a copy loan), photoprints 26, 33, 34, 37, 38 and 39, which Dustin Kimball loaned to the Center for digitization.

The “Navajo Series” expedition was organized by Shiprock, New Mexico trader Will Evans.  Evans proposed that William Marion Pennington and Lisle Chandler Updike be the primary photographers for this series to document “the disappearing Indian ways.”  The “Navajo Series” expedition was conducted in the early 1920s and Will Evans’ Shiprock Trading Post served as a studio for the interior shots.  He also furnished the weavings depicted in the photographs.  The exterior photographs were shot southwest of Shiprock near the Chuska and Lukachukai Mountains or near Teec Nos Pos at the base of the Carrizo Mountains.  Many of the individuals in the photographs were identified in 1978 by Navajo elder Esenapa (or Esanapa) “Grandma” Martin (a person whose oral history is recorded in the Center's Southwest oral history collection).

Administrative information

Acquisition information:  The bulk of these photos were donated to the Center of Southwest Studies through gifts by Dustin Kimball in April and May of 2003 (deed of gift signed by Dustin B. Kimball on 3/31/2003).  As described above, Mr. Kimball loaned the six listed items that he shared for the Center's reproduction purposes.  Anyone who uses these images must abide by the following particular stipulation: according to the codicil to the deed that was signed on 3/31/2003, the following phrase must be used whenever and wherever this photograph is displayed or exhibited: From the Tom O. and H. Lucille Kimball Indian Collection.

Processing information:  A cash gift from Nina Heald Webber enabled the Center to purchase the scanning hardware and software (including a transparency scanner lid for digitizing film negatives and transparencies) to digitize these photographs in-house.  Initial data entry, photograph research and much of the digitization was by volunteer Larry Gooden in the summer of 2003.  Additional metadata work was by contract worker Nik Kendziorski in the spring of 2005.  This guide was produced by Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist, Center of Southwest Studies.

List of Kimball photographs titles with URL links

The following is a listing of the titles describing 39 images in the collection that are available for researchers' use in the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center of Southwest Studies,  Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.  Those with a URL have been scanned for online digital access for research purposes.


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Photoprint # Title Descriptive note Image Date DigitalFileURL
P051001 John Cobre, Apache, portrait photo Elder man posing for the camera wearing an earring in the right ear. He is wearing a scarf tie, along with a single thin braid coming down over his left shoulder. Faded arrow in right center of photo, crossed with bowstring (or flaw line?). 1930? - 1939? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051001.htm
P051002 Navajo silversmith at work Middle age Navajo man sitting on bison hide working at his silversmith trade, with all the tools and skill of a master craftsman. A blanket for a workbench and other acoutrements would suggest a pack animal at the ready for this traveling craftsman. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051002.htm
P051003 Hosteen Joe, Navajo, portrait photo Hosteen Joe from Santostee, AZ., wearing a head bandanna and earring in the right ear. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051003.htm
P051004 Navajo Pete, portrait photo: Dreaming by the firelight-#2 In the glow of the campfire is Navajo Pete. Will Evans said, "the simple dignity of this old man tells a story of himself and his people, proud of themselves and their culture, and strong enough to withstand the changes of time." 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051004.htm
P051005 Bi-Joshii, Navajo, portrait photo: An old warrior Medicine man Bi-Joshii. He is old and in failing health in this “Navajo Series” photo. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051005.htm
P051006 Navajo, portrait photo: The Strong Man This “Navajo Series” man is wearing a blanket, with one shoulder showing. He is also wearing a bandanna and earring, with his body in profile. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051006.htm
P051007 Navajo, portrait photo: Eagle Eye Early middle-aged Navajo man with blanket, head bandanna, and wearing a bracelet. The bracelet appears to be old native turquoise and silver. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051007.htm
P051008 Navajo, portrait photo: Navajo Medicine Man Navajo wearing a blanket, head bandanna, and necklace (out of focus). 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051008.htm
P051009 Judge Klah, Navajo, portrait photo: An Indian judge A Navajo man with three different necklaces (the large one on the bottom is the “squash blossom” type), rug, and bracelet. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051009.htm
P051010 Navajo, portrait photo: Indian baby carriage An elderly “Grandmother” type Navajo woman wearing a rug and caring a baby in a Navajo styled cradleboard. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051010.htm
P051011 Navajo, portrait photo: Directing the messenger In this “Navajo Series” photo, two males are wearing bandannas and the older one on horseback is wearing an earring and ankle length moccasins. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051011.htm
P051012 Navajo, portrait photo: The watchman In this “Navajo Series” photo the watchman stands on a very large cleft rock fragment from the mesa, wearing a blanket, head bandanna, earring, and ankle high moccasins. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051012.htm
P051013 Ute treaty-making delegation group portrait photo Four bearded Caucasian men are wearing suits; two Ute men are in their traditional clothing. The Ute man on the right is wearing a "peace medallion." 1868-02 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051013.htm
P051014 Navajo, portrait photo: Home This “Navajo Series” photo has four women: two elder “Grandma” women, one middle age woman with a small boy, and a young woman standing in the doorway of the Hogan holding up a young girl behind the seated Grandma. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051014.htm
P051015 Buckskin Charley portrait photo Ute man is dressed in full regalia. Seated with Navajo rug on a tiled floor holding a large pouch in his right hand and a peace pipe in the other. Propped between his legs is what appears to be an ornate walking stick. 1930? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051015.htm
P051016 Buckskin Charley and wife Emma portrait photo Elderly couple both dressed in full regalia. He is wearing a full buckskin suit with headdress, large pouch, peace pipe, beaded moccasins, chocker and Peace Medallion. 1930? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051016.htm
P051017 Navajo, portrait photo: Toh-Atin Trading Co. 13: The weaver This Navajo woman is seated in a structure on a sheepskin working at a loom and balls of yarn at her left knee. 1930 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051017.htm
P051018 Navajo, portrait photo: Navajo weavers in wool production Three Navajo women with a small child in a cradleboard, working two large looms. These looms are propped up against a sandstone cut-bank with a herd of sheep and goats about three feet above on a wide ledge. Women are seated on and wrapped in blankets. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051018.htm
P051019 Navajo, portrait photo: Changing women Navajo woman with her back to the camera weaving on a large loom. It is located at the base of a sandstone cut-bank, with a heard of sheep and goats tended by a young girl on the flat area above. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051019.htm
P051020 Navajo, portrait photo: Children on a rug In this Navajo Series photo these two small Navajo children are seated on a Navajo rug, with another on the wall behind. 1920? - 1925? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051020.htm
P051021 Navajo, portrait photo: Market day Navajo Indians seated on the ground and some walking about a market area. On the right side walking toward the camera are two women, with about a three-year old child. The front woman is holding a coffee pot and two bowls. 1920? - 1929? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051021.htm
P051022 Women talking, portrait photo Four women, two Navajo and two Caucasian, are standing in the plaza of a market. There are five Navajo fabric items displayed. There is also a crowd in the background, near the display stalls. 1925? - 1935? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051022.htm
P051023 Spruce Tree House at Mesa Verde North end view to south of cliff dwellings showing apart-ment type structures and three kivas. The kiva in the foreground appears to be intact with its roof undamaged. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051023.htm
P051024 Spruce Tree House at Mesa Verde Close-up view of Spruce Tree House at Mesa Verde National Park. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051024.htm
P051025 Spruce Tree House long view Long view of Spruce Tree House with the cliff above and brush below. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051025.htm
P051026 Spruce Tree House at Mesa Verde Looking southward through the dwellings and cliff overhang. It is the third largest cliff dwelling in the park. The pueblo was built under an overhang about 216 feet long and 89 feet from front to back. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051026.htm
P051027 Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde A very long view of the ruin from the inside, looking northwest. Constructed under a southwest-facing cliff overhang, it was sunny in the winter and shady in the summer. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051027.htm
P051028 Round Tower at Cliff Palace Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde looking to the southeast, past the round tower. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051028.htm
P051029 Natural serenity of Cliff Palace Looking into the center and southeast end of Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051029.htm
P051030 The best of Cliff Palace Long view of Cliff Palace looking northwest. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051030.htm
P051031 Cliff Palace and Elephant Head Rock Long view of Cliff Palace looking northwest, with Elephant Head Rock at the far end of the photo. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051031.htm
P051032 Overhead view of kiva interior Overhead view into three of the kivas at Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051032.htm
P051033 Cliff Palace: Kivas in ascent Cliff Palace with ascending kivas as the main feature. Apartment structures are situated to the left against the cliff wall. Looking northwest with Elephant Head Rock just beyond the ruins, peeking out over the bushes. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051033.htm
P051034 Balcony House at Mesa Verde The ruins are viewed from the northwest end, looking southeast. The famous balcony is behind the wall of the first structure on the right, between the two pinnacled corner remnants. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051034.htm
P051035 Tourists at Balcony House at Mesa Verde Tourists standing on the balcony of Balcony House, taking in the view. 1925? - 1935? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051035.htm
P051036 Square Tower House at Mesa Verde Frontal view from a distance looking south to north, at Square Tower House in Mesa Verde National Park. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051036.htm
P051037 Square Tower House at Mesa Verde This is a pencil or ink drawing that has been photographed. The image is of Square Tower House with the tops of the trees in the foreground and a massive cliff overhang as a backdrop. 1932 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051037.htm
P051038 Sun Temple at Mesa Verde This is a low angled overhead view. The white material on top of the wall is mortar to protect the walls from further erosion. 1960? - 1969? http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051038.htm
P051039 New Fire House at Mesa Verde This Pen-Dike 1911 expedition photo is an overview, looking northward. Fire Temple and New Fire House sit side by side. 1911 http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P051/P051039.htm

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