What are the college’s obligations?

To ensure that you can graduate in four years, Fort Lewis College will:

  1. Help you create a graduation plan prior to registration for your second semester;
  2. Make sure you can register on the first day of pre-registration starting your second semester.  
  3. If a course closes on the first day of pre-registration, your plan may be revised as long as you can still graduate in four years.  If your plan cannot be revised, the College will identify a substitute course or waive the requirement.
  4. Ensure that your plan, any revisions to the plan, and the signed Finish in Four! contract are entered into your permanent academic record.

What are my obligations?

To remain eligible for the benefits of Finish in Four!, you must do the following: 

  1. Attend Fort Lewis College eight consecutive semesters, not counting Summer. 
  2. Proactively seek advising with your advisor in the Office of Student Success to address academic problems or issues that may affect the graduation plan. 
  3. Inform your advisor in the Office of Student Success of any changes contemplated to my degree plan for future terms no later than November 1 in the Fall semester and March 1 in the Spring semester.  Requested changes that cannot be accommodated in a revised four-year plan will result in cancellation of the Finish in Four! contract.
  4. Enroll in the courses on my degree plan for the subsequent semester on the first day I am eligible to register during the published pre-registration period.
  5. Notify your advisor in the Office of Student Success on that day if I am closed out of all available sections for a course on my degree plan. 
  6. Complete one quarter of the required credits by the beginning of my second year, one half of the required credits by the beginning of my third year, and three quarters of the required credits by the beginning of my fourth year.  I may earn credits during the Summer to meet this requirement.
  7. Earn grades in each course sufficient to allow enrollment in the next level of required courses.
  8. Be admitted to my program if I am an Adventure Education, Athletic Training, or Exercise Science – Sport Administration Option major, or be admitted to the Teacher Education Licensure program if I am an Art – K-12 Teaching Option, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education,  English – English for Secondary Teachers Option, Exercise Science K-12 Teaching Option, History – Social Studies for Secondary Teachers Option, Mathematics – Mathematics for Secondary Teachers Option,  Music K-12 Teaching Option, Spanish – K-12 Teaching Option, or Theatre – Secondary Drama Teaching Option major.
  9. Maintain at all times a 2.0 cumulative grade point average, a 2.0 grade point average in the major(s), and a 2.0 grade point average in the minor(s).
  10. File an Application for Graduation by Census Date of my final semester. 
  11. Comply with all policies and regulations of the college to avoid holds that would prevent my ability to meet the requirements listed above.

How do I learn more?

Contact the Office of Student Success, via email: finishinfour@fortlewis.edu, or phone: 970-382-6985.