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Fort Lewis College Scholarships

Fort Lewis College offers a number of scholarships to existing students as well as incoming freshmen. These include:

  • Institutional Scholarships & Grants assist undergraduate students from Institutional funding. The awards are offered by Office of Admission or a Program Coordinator.
  • Foundation & Departmental Scholarships assist undergraduate students who are seeking a bachelor degree for the first time, with private donor funding. Awards are offered by department scholarship committees based on your major.
  • Alumni Scholarships assists undergraduate students who are a child or grandchild of an alumnus/alumna from private donor funding. Must be a first time degree seeking student.  Awards are offered by the Alumni Scholarship Committee.
  • Native American Scholarships assist undergraduate Native American students. Awards are offered by the Native American Center.
  • Outside Scholarships as a courtesy, this is a list of websites that offer scholarships from providers that are outside the entity of Fort Lewis College.

Important Information and Scholarship Policies

This website provides general information on a variety of scholarships. If you need more information or have questions about an academic department's scholarships please contact them directly.

Scholarships are for full-time, degree-seeking students who have not previously earned a bachelor's degree.

Scholarships are credited to the student's bill. Amounts are approximate and depend on fund availability each year. The total amounts are for the entire year and are split evenly between Fall and Spring terms, unless otherwise indicated. The recipient must sign a Financial Aid Award Notification formally accepting the scholarship and agreeing to the conditions governing financial aid.