Fort Lewis College Scholarships - Achievers Tuition Scholarship

Achievers Tuition Scholarship

Terms and Conditions for Initial Award in 2014-15

Minimum Eligibility for Award
A student is admitted as a first-time freshman in a Fall semester, has a CCHE Admission Index of 95 or higher, and is college-level in composition and mathematics. Because there is a limited number of these awards, meeting minimum eligibility standards does not result in automatic award.

Restriction of Award
The award is restricted to Fort Lewis College tuition expenses.

Annual Award Amount
A student will be awarded $1,500-$11,500 annually, depending on tuition classification, CCHE Admission Index based on grade point average and test scores (not rank) on date of admission, and date complete application for admission received.

Award Length
The award is renewable up to 120 earned credits or eight consecutive Fall and Spring semesters, whichever comes first.

Adjustment of Award
A student may be excluded from this scholarship or have this scholarship reduced if other tuition benefits are being received:

  • A student awarded this scholarship may not be awarded any other institutional merit scholarship.
  • A student who receives partial tuition benefits under the Fort Lewis College Tuition Reduction Benefit Program for Spouses and Dependent Children will have this scholarship reduced if that benefit and this scholarship exceed the cost of tuition.
  • A student who receives partial or full tuition benefits from an outside agency, excepting the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, are excluded from this scholarship or will have this scholarship reduced if those benefits and this scholarship exceed the cost of tuition.

Any time new information pertinent to the award amount is received, the Office of Financial Aid will adjust a student’s scholarship award. This includes, but is not limited to, change of tuition classification from out-of-state to in-state, notification of award of outside tuition benefits, and qualification for the Native American Tuition Waiver.

Disbursement of Annual Award
The annual award is disbursed in two equal payments in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Disbursement Requirements
Disbursement of the award each semester requires:

  • Enrollment in a minimum of 12 credit hours;
  • Incurrence of Fort Lewis College tuition charges.

How Award is Applied
The award is applied automatically to the Fort Lewis College tuition bill by the Office of Student Billing and Cashiering.

Time of Evaluation for Renewal
The student will be evaluated for renewal at the end of each Spring semester.

Renewal Criteria
To be renewed for the next academic year, assuming the student has not exceeded the length of the award, the student must upon evaluation after Spring semester:

  • Have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in courses numbered 100-499;
  • Have completed 30 credits in courses numbered 100-499 at Fort Lewis College. Completed credits are defined as those with an earned grade of A, B, C, D, P, or S. Credits earned through credit-by-exam do not count toward the 30-credit minimum.

The award will be cancelled if the student:

  • Does not accept the award by the deadline set by the Office of Admission and Advising in the Achievers Tuition Scholarship notification letter or Fall semester Census Date, whichever comes first;
  • Does not meet disbursement criteria;
  • Does not attend continuously during the length of the award;
  • Does not meet renewal criteria;
  • Exceeds length of award.

Appeal of Cancellation
A student may appeal for reinstatement of a cancelled scholarship.
Click here for grounds for appeal, appeal procedures, and deadlines.

Appeal of Exclusion From or Reduction of Scholarship
A student who was excluded from this scholarship or received a reduced award because of other tuition benefits, who subsequently loses those benefits, may appeal for reinstatement of a cancelled or reduced scholarship.
Click here for appeal procedures, forms, and deadlines

Please direct all questions about this scholarship to the Office of Financial Aid at 970-247-7142 or