Native American students working in the Library

Native American students at FLC

Approximately 35% of FLC students are Native American or Alaska Native, representing 170 nations, tribes, and villages. FLC consistently ranks as one of the most culturally diverse colleges, and its faculty, staff, and administration work to create a living and learning space supportive to the needs of all FLC students—one more reason FLC is a great choice for your college education.

About the Native American Tuition Waiver (NATW)

Utilizing the NATW, students who are members of US federally recognized Native American Tribes or Alaska Native Villages may attend FLC tuition free. Students are still responsible for other expenses, including student fees, housing and meal costs, books, and any other fees.

Read more about eligibility and benefits on our Financial Aid site.

The Native American Center at FLC is a terrific resource for questions and support in applying for the Native American Tuition Waiver.


The old Fort Lewis property in Hesperus, Colorado was home to a military base and Indian boarding school in the 1800s. In 1910, the US federal government offered to hand the property over to the State of Colorado with the following stipulations: the property must remain an educational center and be inclusive of Native American students, who would be admitted free of charge, and offered an education equal to that of other students.

Read more about the history of the waiver.

35% of FLC students are Native American & Alaska Native representing 170 communities