Freshman Math Program - FAQ

Freshman Math Frequestly Asked Questions

If a student has an ACT of 19 – 24, which math course should that student take for their major?*

Understanding Freshman Math at Fort Lewis College, Math 113, Math 110, Math 105

What’s the difference between Math 105 and Math 110?

Math 110 contains more algebraic manipulations. Math 105 is more about the logical and critical thinking aspects of math. Both courses have strong homework and writing requirements.

Math 105, Math 110, and Math 113 fulfill the general education math requirement (GT Pathways).

Questions about Math 110 or Math 105?

Contact Sandy Gilpin at x7164 or

Questions about Math 113?

Contact Carl Lienert at 970-247-7169 or

*Students who have an ACT score of 25 or above can take a higher level math course, or may elect to take Math 105, 110 or 113.