Freshman Math Program - Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

math graphFreshman Math Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Freshman Math Program is to help all students achieve their goals for higher education by helping them develop mathematical skills and thinking, to increase their confidence in their mathematical abilities, and to inspire students to pursue mathematics with enthusiasm.  The FMP faculty also has a special role in supporting the general success of students in their first year at Fort Lewis College.

Vision Statement

The Freshman Math Program shall be guided by the following principles:

  • Curricula will be engaging and relevant to students, shall provide opportunities for students to gain, apply and communicate mathematical understanding, will emphasize depth of understanding through problem-solving and will require students to be active learners.
  • Classroom practices and instructional strategies shall be based on sound research.
  • FMP courses will form an integral part of the “freshman experience” by supporting students in the transition to college, preparing students to be independent learners and being proactive in addressing the issues and needs unique to new college students, and, even more specifically, to students in need of remediation.
  • A wide variety of support services will be available to students.
  • A coherent and long-term plan will be used to regularly evaluate the success of the program and the information will be used to guide ongoing improvement.
  • The FMP team will work as a collaborative community of life-long learners.
  • The FMP team will play an active role as advocates for First Year Students in the campus-wide community.

There are six key tactics commonly recognized as key to a successful retention strategy.  Many of the strategies FMP has employed are based on these tactics. 

  • Adequate and appropriate learning support
  • Appropriate pre-requisites
  • Appropriate placement strategies
  • Engaging, challenging and meaningful classroom experience (curriculum and pedagogy)
  • Appropriate policies and consistent enforcement
  • Continuous and informative feedback to students