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FLC & Pueblo Community College formalize transfer degree pathways for students

FLC & Pueblo Community College formalize transfer degree pathways for students

Fort Lewis College finalized an agreement for 18 different transfer degree options for Pueblo Community College students. Students holding an associate degree from any PCC campus in the determined programs can transfer into an FLC bachelor’s program to pursue a four-year degree.
“As the regional four-year institution, we wanted to ensure our local community college students have access to the next step in their educational and career pursuits,” says FLC President Tom Stritikus.
Academic Affairs, Registrar, and Admission offices at FLC and PCC collaborated on degree maps for Anthropology, Biology, Business, Criminology & Justice Studies, Early Childhood Education, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Geology, History, Math, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, and Studio Art.
“The original intent with these degree maps was to target the programs offered at the local sites in Durango and Mancos and so we’re pleased to expand this agreement to the whole PCC system,” says Peter McCormick, associate vice president for Academic Affairs. “We expect to add more paths soon including a Computer Information Systems path and a Hospitality Studies to a Business Administration, Tourism & Hospitality Management path.”
In 2013, PCC expanded its partnership with Fort Lewis College via the Colorado Community College System’s Admission Promise. It provided PCC students a guarantee of admission to the four-year school. The new agreement between the two institutions formalizes the transfer option for students and provides specific degree maps for students to follow at PCC and through to FLC.
“The Admission Promise was an important initiative to strengthen our relationship with Fort Lewis and an avenue for our students to pursue a four-year degree without leaving the area,” said PCC President Patty Erjavec. “This year, both of our institutions came together to make sure that promise was fortified with a renewed commitment. A clearly defined pathway saves our students time and money, enriches the student experience, and contributes to their ultimate success.”
PCC operates a branch in Mancos/Cortez, a site in Durango and, beginning this fall, a site in Bayfield. Enrollment is now open for fall classes, which begin August 19.
Every student transferring to FLC is offered a pre-enrollment meeting with the Transfer Admission Counselor. Students can meet one-on-one with the counselor to determine courses approved for transfer and to discuss degree requirements and scholarship opportunities. Statewide articulation agreements exist for community college students with an associate degree, which guide their degree paths at FLC.
Transfer applications are due to FLC by August 1 for fall 2019 classes. Visit to learn more.


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