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Stanton Englehart: A Life on CanvasStanton Englehart: A Life on Canvas

Stanton Englehart: A Life on Canvas is the first publication to survey the late artist’s prolific fifty-year career. As a celebrated painter of the landscapes of the Colorado Plateau, Englehart’s vision has been carried worldwide. His vividly hued paintings are held in collections in Germany, in Canada, and across the United States.

As well as being a dedicated artist, he is known for his passion as an educator. Throughout his thirty-year teaching career at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, Englehart inspired students and faculty alike. Upon his retirement, he was granted the title of Professor Emeritus of Art.

This book project was initiated by the Durango Arts Center and brought into print by Durango-based Spiralbound Studio Publishing in association with the Fort Lewis College Foundation.

Proceeds from book sales will benefit the Stanton Englehart Scholarship Fund for Art students at Fort Lewis College.

To purchase the book please contact the Foundation's Executive Director, Margie Deane Gray by e-mail,, or by phone: 970-247-7177.


Rich Heritage Shining Future, a history of Fort Lewis College from 1911 to 2011

Rich Heritage Shining FutureIn celebration of the Centennial of Fort Lewis College, we're pleased to present, Rich Heritage Shining Future, a history of Fort Lewis College from 1911 to 2011 by Duane Smith.

How to Buy

You may buy the book in-person at the Fort Lewis College Bookstore, or by visiting Maria's Bookshop, Y.E.S.S. The Book Hutch, or the Animas Museum.