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Request For List

List Request Form - MS Word 
Request a list of contact information for anyone in the Advancement database.  We provide emails, addresses, grad dates, majors, employment, etc. for your departmental needs.  Not sure if we can help?  Contact Ana

Check Request

It is the Fort Lewis College policy that expenses be paid out of college accounts, unless approval is given by the College Finance Committee for an expense that cannot be paid for with college funds. Funds can be transferred from Foundation accounts to College accounts using the Interfund Transfer Form below.

Checks are processed through the Foundation on the 1st and the 15th of each month (except for January 1 or July 1 when they are only processed on the 15th of the month). If these days fall on a weekend, checks will be processed the following Monday. Please complete the form, have appropriate signatures and deliver to the Foundation Office, 2200 Berndt Hall. Checks over $2,500 are required to have 2 signatures - i.e. the appropriate Dean or VP as a second signature.

Checks will be available no later than 5 p.m. on the day following processing.

Check Request Form - MS Excel
Check Request Form - PDF

Deposit Request

To deposit funds to your Foundation account, please use the appropriate Deposit Request Form from the list below. Please note that we now have separate forms for different types of deposits. After you fill out the form and acquire the appropriate signatures, please deliver it to the Foundation Office, 2200 Berndt Hall. All checks must be payable to the Fort Lewis College Foundation.

Deposit Request Form - Word - Check and Cash Payments
Deposit Request Form - PDF - Check and Cash Payments

Deposit Request Form - Word - Credit Card Payments
Deposit Request Form - PDF - Credit Card Payments

Deposit Request Form - Word - Payroll Deduction Payments
Deposit request Form - PDF - Payroll Deduction Payments

For questions regarding Deposit Request Forms, please contact Ana Zeiler with the Fort Lewis College Foundation at 970-247-6179. Thank you.

Gift-In-Kind (Non-cash Gift)

Gift-In-Kind forms are required for all non-cash gifts/donations. A separate form for donations to the Center of Southwest Studies is required, please contact the Center for additional information. For all other non-cash gifts, please complete the form, and deliver to the Foundation Office, 2200 Berndt Hall.

Gift-In-Kind Form - Excel
Gift in Kind Form - PDF

Fund Transfer

Money can be transferred between Foundation funds or can be transferred from a Foundation fund to a College organization. Please complete the form, get appropriate signatures and deliver to the Foundation Office, 2200 Berndt Hall.

Fund Transfer Form - MS Excel
Fund Transfer Form - PDF

Payroll Deduction

Please complete the form, and deliver to the Foundation Office, 2200 Berndt Hall. Payroll deduction forms received in the Foundation before the 14th of each month will be processed for that month.

Payroll Deduction Form - MS Excel
Payroll Deduction Form - PDF

Fund Establishment

Please complete the form requesting a new fund, and deliver to the Foundation Office, 2200 Berndt Hall. All funds must maintain a minimum $500 balance for establishment.

Fund Establishment Form - MS Excel
Fund Establishment Form - PDF

FLC Foundaton Faculty Grant Program

The FLC Foundaton Faculty Grant program coordinates its awards with FLC processes and timelines. The Foundation Grants Committee seeks to support projects and professional development opportunities that strengthen the student experience.  The grant cycle is identical to that of FLC.

Learn more about Faculty Grants and submit a proposal.

Scholarship Transmittal

All scholarship transmittals must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office and the Foundation no sooner than March 1 but no later than June 1 for the upcoming school year. Please note in the comments section if the scholarship is a book scholarship.

Scholarship Transmittal - MS Excel
Scholarship Transmittal - PDF

If you have questions or comments please contact us.