FLC Forever Loyalty Debit Card

Alpine Bank Debit Card sampleAs the Four Corners’ stronghold of academic excellence, Fort Lewis College is proud to partner with Alpine Bank in launching the FLC Forever Loyalty Debit Card. Through this unique program, Alpine Bank will donate 10 cents to FLC every time the debit card is used. Do you have yours yet?

Fort Lewis College: Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

FLC is one of Southwest Colorado’s only public institutions of higher learning, serving as a basecamp for students chasing dreams, many who are the first in their families to go to college. It’s also a hub of research and development for faculty, staff, and the surrounding community of lifelong learners. As a not-for-profit establishment, FLC leans on support from alumni, donors, and people just like you, who believe in investing in the future.
The far-reaching success of FLC and our future entrepreneurs, cyclists, engineers, and game changers begins with a healthy foundation created by today’s scholarships, today’s campus infrastructure, today’s academic programs, and today’s research opportunities – all made possible by your investment.  
The FLC Forever campaign with Alpine Bank is just one drop in the bucket of ensuring FLC remains the Four Corners’ pillar of bright futures for the next generations. Individually, we contribute to FLC today, making it sustainable for tomorrow. Together, we create an FLC forever. Together, we BELIEVE in FLC Forever.
Sign up for your FLC Forever Loyalty Debit Card today at Alpine Bank.

Thank you for playing your role in keeping FLC thriving forever. Go Skyhawks!

FLC Loyalty Debit Card Grant Awards

Glenna Sexton Student Development Fund - The Glenna Sexton Student Development Fund provides grants to help cover conference or training fees for eligible students seeking leadership and professional development opportunities. $5,000.

The Grub Hub - The Grub Hub is a student-led food pantry operating on the Fort Lewis College campus. It is dedicated to social justice and destigmatizing food insecurity. The Grub Hub distributes recovered and donated food items to students and relies on the work of passionate students and the generosity of our campus community. $5,000

Sexual Assault Awareness Training - Fort Lewis College is committed to educating all members of the campus community on awareness and prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment. This fund helps to implement training modules for students, faculty, and staff so that everyone feels safe and welcome on campus. $5,000

Anthropology - Anthropology involves the study of present and past human culture and biology to better understand the human species. With diverse but overlapping sub-fields, including archaeologicalbiologicalsocioculturallinguistic, and applied anthropology, anthropology spans the social, behavioral, and natural sciences as well as humanities, providing a strong core to a liberal arts education. This grant helped with project expenses. $1,532