Gender & Women's Studies

Welcome to Gender & Women's Studies

The Gender and Women's Studies program approaches the study of gender--including masculinity, women's equality, human sexuality, and human sexual orientation--from a deeply interdisciplinary perspective.

Why Study Gender & Women's Studies

In the Gender & Women's Studies program, you'll engage in deep and fascinating discussions about masculinity, women's equality, human sexuality, and human sexual orientation in history, society, and culture. You'll also work closely with faculty and your fellow students exploring the interplay of race, class, and gender in the the unequal access to resources and power that persists in the world.

Central to a Gender & Women's Studies program is respect for diversity, a concern for social justice, and a dedication to alternative ways of self-expression, conducting research, and working in the world -- training you for careers where addressing social inequality is important, and preparing you to be an agent of change in your personal and professional lives.

Why Study Gender & Women's Studies at Fort Lewis College

Our small classes mean you get an individualized education from our expert faculty. Because our faculty's focus is on teaching, they work closely with their students, taking pride in keeping their office doors open, being involved in their students' progress, and tailoring their assistance to each learner's needs.

Academic Options in Gender & Women's Studies

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