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General Education

Fort Lewis College’s commitment to the liberal arts is embodied in its general education program and in its majors in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Liberal in liberal arts means “free,” freedom from ignorance. A liberal arts education is intended to impart the capacities and values required for responsible citizenship and advancement in the professions and help students develop a commitment to life-long learning. These capacities include breadth of knowledge, the ability to analyze and weigh evidence, openmindedness, understanding of different cultural perspectives, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and communication.

General education is designed to complement the specialization provided by the majors. Exploration of different areas of knowledge and ways of understanding the world combined with the development of competencies in communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning is the primary focus of the lower-division courses in general education. Development of a global perspective is the primary focus of the upper-division courses in general education.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students apply intellectual and practical skills to think critically and communicate effectively
  • Students demonstrate knowledge of the a) diversity of past and present human cultures and b) physical and natural world
  • Students gain skills necessary to be engaged and contributing members of a local and global society
  • Students reflect critically on ethical issues and make reasoned, intelligent judgments about complex problems
  • Students integrate knowledge and skills and apply them to new settings and complex problems