General Education - Campus Writing Board

Campus Writing Board

Charge:This Committee develops campus-wide initiatives related to writing. Recommendations of the Committee are heard by the General Education Council for endorsement and/or action. When appropriate, these recommendations and actions are brought before the Faculty Senate for endorsement and/or action. The Committee composes and submits to the General Education Council written reports summarizing its activities. These reports should be submitted at least once per academic year and should be timed so as to best facilitate their inclusion into a regular General Education Council report to the Faculty Senate.

The Chair of the board must be in a tenure-track position, and have experience in teaching writing-intensive courses. Board members will serve three-year terms, renewable once if selected again by the General Education Council for a second three-year term. These terms will be staggered to ensure continuity. The Chair of the Writing Board will serve a three-year renewable term and must be recommended by the General Education Council, and approved by the Dean of Enrollment Services and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


1 faculty member from Sciences
1 faculty member from Social Sciences
1 faculty member from Humanities
1 faculty member from Arts
1 faculty member from Teacher Education
1 faculty member from Business
1 faculty member from Exercise Science
1 member from the Library
Writing Program Director
Writing Center Coordinator – ex officio
Director of Assessment – ex officio
1 student representative – ex officio