General Education - General Education Council

General Education Council (GEC)

Charge: The General Education Council is a hybrid faculty body that operates as an arm of faculty governance and has administrative roles in the School of General and Exploratory Studies.

In its administrative roles it advises/establishes/collaborates with general education administrators on issues such as transfer policy, team teaching, faculty development, course review processes, and assessment goals and processes.

As a faculty governance body, the General Education Council is charged by the Faculty Senate to review proposals related to the general education program in ways that engage faculty campus wide and consider student learning outcomes, institutional mission, academic integrity and institutional resources; develop expertise on General Education programs and issues at a national level and serve as a resource to the campus community; be advocates of an exceptional, high quality General Education program at Fort Lewis College, recognizing that the General Education curriculum represents a third of the required courses for our graduates; work collaboratively with the Faculty Senate, academic departments, administrators, and other campus units to deliver a quality general education program; oversee the activities of its subcommittees and report in writing (and possibly in person) to the Faculty Senate on activities and important issues at least twice a year. Reports should include at least brief annual updates on the activities of the subcommittees of the General Education Council. The General Education Council is also responsible for collaborating, when appropriate, with the General Education Policy Committee (GEPC) and for reporting significant activities of the GEPC to the Faculty Senate.