General Education - Liberal Arts Core (LAC)

Liberal Arts Core (LAC)

During AY 2014-15, faculty teaching capstone senior courses submitted writing samples for each student/group within their course at the end of the term. Writing samples were selected through a stratified random sampling approach by area (Science, Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Business, Teacher Education) and within areas by faculty to increase chances that selected writing was not all from one faculty. Assignments were de-identified and these writing samples were scored for critical thinking and problem solving using the AAC&U LEAP VALUE rubrics. The collected Fall 2014 student samples were scored in Spring 2015 and the Spring 2015 student samples were scored in Spring 2016.

In AY 2015-16, faculty teaching Liberal Arts Core (LAC) courses that identified written communication as a learning outcome submitted writing samples from sophomore-level students. A random sample of these collected items were scored by a team of faculty from the Sciences (SC), Arts & Humanities (AH), Social Sciences (SS), School of Business and Teacher Education in Fall 2016.  Assignments were deidentified and scored using the gtPathways rubric for written communication

Liberal Arts Core