Division of Institutional Advancement

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For more information on how you can support Fort Lewis College, please contact the Fort Lewis College Division of Institutional of Advancement:

Mark Jastorff
Vice President for Advancement
(970) 247-7074
E-Mail: majastorff@fortlewis.edu

Kim Schwartz
Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement
(970) 247-7080
E-Mail: kaschwartz@fortlewis.edu

Debbie Bollinger
Gift Entry and Data Integrity Specialist
(970) 247-7223
E-Mail: dabollinger@fortlewis.edu

Elizabeth Bussian
Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
Phone: 970-247-7207
E-Mail: Bussian_e2@fortlewis.edu

Denise Dickinson
Senior Financial Manager
(970) 247-7425
E-Mail: Dickinson_d@fortlewis.edu

Sandy Jameson
Scholarship Manager
(970) 247-7121
E-Mail: jameson_s@fortlewis.edu 

Jeff Jantz
Director of Planned Giving
(970) 247-7069
E-Mail: jantz_j@fortlewis.edu

Dave Kerns
Major Gift Officer
(970) 247-7427
E-Mail: kerns_d@fortlewis.edu

Krista Loken
Director of Alumni Engagement
Phone: 971-247-7177
Email: kloken@fortlewis.edu

Monica Pirrone
Technical Business Analyst
(970) 247-7156
E-Mail: mapirrone@fortlewis.edu

Sarah Grace Pretzer
Director of Campaigns
(970) 247-7658
E-Mail: sgpretzer@fortlewis.edu

Andreas Tischhauser
Major Gift Officer
(970) 247-6735
Email: tischhause_a@fortlewis.edu

Ana Zeiler
Manager of Advancement Services
(970) 247-6179
E-Mail: zeiler_a@fortlewis.edu

General Fort Lewis College Inquiry
Toll-Free: (877) FLC-COLO, (877) 352-2656