GSRC Interns

The student interns at the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center are the heart of the place. Always open to answering questions, leading programs and maintaining the spirit at the Center, we invite you to get to know them and the space. If you have suggestions for programming or how to improve the campus culture to make it a more inclusive environment for everyone, please let them know.

Daliss Plummer

Dallis Plummer, GSRC Intern

Business Administration & Sociology major

Hello, I am currently a sophomore here at the Fort. I am double-majoring in Business Administration and Sociology. My hobbies are to play basketball with my family or friends, listen to all different genres of music, and to play with my dog Wamo. Also, I am the current 2019-2020 Secretary for the American Indigenous Business Leaders (AIBL) Club on campus. I hope to learn more about the overall Gender & Sexuality Resource Center here on campus.

Kiera Poehlman

Kiera Poehlman, GSRC Intern

Adventure Education major

I love swimming in rivers on warm summer days, backpacking through pristine alpine environments, and exploring new cultures and ways of living globally. Through working here, I hope to continue to learn more about the LGBTQIA+ community and specially what I can do to be a great ally. As a future educator I aim to be aware and compassionate about diversity issues and my hope is that the stories I hear and people I befriend at the G will help me in doing so.


Licia Lamb

Licia Lamb, GSRC Intern

Engineering major

I am a freshman here at the Fort and am excited to be working at the G! I identify as Demi-sexual, and am willing to answer any questions that you may have! I am a raging feminist who loves to color her hair. I work hard and have been known to over-schedule myself. I love to work with my hands and can often be found tinkering with stuff that I probably shouldn’t be. I love computers and if I can help you with them I’m more than willing! The easiest way to find me is to listen for my laugh that can be heard for a mile or so.

Xander Hughes

Xander Hughes, GSRC Intern

Sociology & Gender and Sexuality Studies major, Philosophy minor

I am a queer, transgender student originally from Pittsburg, KS. I am also a member of the Navajo Nation, and these parts of me allow me to constantly think about what identity is and what it means. Spaces that support, encourage, and allow students and community members to be their full selves are crucial to opening constructive discourse and ultimately social change. The G is home to so many of these kinds of conversations as well as being a home away from home to myself and other students.