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This is a list of resources for those who identify as both students and parents. These resources are local, national, international, or on the internet. 

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Bear in mind most of these links and sites have resource lists of their own that can offer much more information and resources.

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Free and Reduced Child Care Options for Military

NACCRRA is working with the U.S. Military Services to help those who serve in the military find and afford child care that suits their unique needs. Through several innovative civilian/military efforts between the Services, NACCRRA and Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCR&Rs) are building the quality and capacity of child care throughout the country.


Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center The Native American Community Board (NACB) works to protect the health and human rights of Indigenous Peoples pertinent to our communities through cultural preservation, education, coalition building, community organizing, reproductive justice, environmental justice, and natural resource protection while working toward safe communities for women and children at the local, national, and international level.

Website: Our Bodies Ourselves OBOS provides clear, truthful information about health, sexuality and reproduction from a feminist and consumer perspective. We vigorously advocate for women's health by challenging the institutions and systems that block women from full control over our bodies and devalue our lives. Our long-standing commitment to serve only in the public interest and our bridge-building capacity are our hallmarks. We remain one of the few women’s health groups in the U.S. that doesn’t accept funds from pharmaceutical companies and that tries to be scrupulous about conflict of interest.

Website: Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has been helping women, men and teens make responsible choices for 90 years. Since 1916, we have been committed to delivering the highest quality reproductive health care, teaching responsible and age-appropriate sexuality education and have been working diligently to protect a woman's right to choose. Each year more than 125,000 women, men and teens visit our 29 health centers throughout our four state region - Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Website: Reproductive Health Technologies Project The mission of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project is to advance the ability of every woman of any age to achieve full reproductive freedom with access to the safest, most effective, appropriate and acceptable technologies for ensuring her own health and controlling her fertility. To fulfill this mission, we seek to build consensus in support of an education, research and advocacy agenda for reproductive health and reproductive freedom. We seek consensus through a process of dialogue among diverse communities about technological developments and their global implications.

Website: Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) WGNRR envisages a world where all people can fulfill their sexual and reproductive rights. We are a southern-based global network that builds and strengthens movements for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and justice. Our work is grounded in the realities of those who most lack economic, social and political power. Through critical analysis and strategic actions, we connect members and allies, build knowledge, organise campaigns and share resources. WGNRR works to realise the full sexual and reproductive health and rights of all people, with a particular focus on the most marginalised. We believe that achieving this goal requires transformative social change. Website:

Since 1990, Dads Adventure and Daddy Boot Camp have had more than 300,000 men trust us to help them wrap their minds around becoming dads. In 1995, we formed Dads Adventure to sponsor the non-profit Boot Camp for New Dads and develop broad support for new fathers. We publish/produce Crash Course for New Dads: Tools, Checklists & Cheat-Sheets, the Crash Course for New Dads DVD and online workshop, Dads Adventure magazine, Hit the Ground Crawling: Lessons From 150,000 New Fathers, and to bring new fathers the information they need to do a great job. The New Moms Hearts and Minds Project ( is our latest venture in helping guys become the best dads they can imagine.
First and foremost, we hope to design a site where we connect fathers across the globe with each other and with the various support agencies and associations available. We hope to achieve this goal by: 1. Creating a newsletter; 2. Creating dialog and chat forums so that users can contribute ideas and share experiences with each other; and 3. Providing useful, informative, and always new reading material. We strongly aim to be an open environment, a place where many sides of an issue can be viewed. It is important for us to focus on fathering issues, whether that is for the family or nuclear father, the at home father or the single father, for fathers with babies or fathers with older children, for fathers with children with disabilities. As you see, we will try to cover all aspects of fatherhood and fathering issues. At the same time we will also be focusing on men's issues such as health, diet, and exercise.
Femomist's purpose is to represent a real-world holistic view of feminist parenting. We are here to support and encourage the women inside the mothers. We want to become a respite for any woman who wants to laugh with us, learn with us or shake her fist in the air with ours -- even if it's holding a bottle! The aim behind Femomist is to create a venue for intelligent news, parenting and self features, pop culture reviews and more without forgetting that we are smart, sexy, sometimes outraged women. Femomist seeks to be funny, thought-provoking, inspirational and soothing. We are designed to intrigue, entertain and replenish. [From Femomist's Facebook page].
The LGBTQ Parenting Connection is a network of agencies and organizations that provide information, resources and support to LGBTQ-led families and work to create healthy and informed communities within which LGBTQ-led families can thrive. Our aim is to ensure that LGBTQ-led families will be free from the impacts of ignorance, hostility, harassment, discrimination and oppression, intentional and/or unintentional, and can participate fully in all levels of community life.
Mombian is a lifestyle site for lesbian moms and other LGBT parents, offering a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources for all our varied roles. Mombian provides parenting tips, book reviews for parents and children, news about LGBT families, and political and legal news and commentary, all from the perspective of a lesbian mom. It also includes a helping of lesbian culture and entertainment, in the belief that mothers don’t lose their other interests the moment they become parents.
Student Parent Journal (SPJ) is a place where moms and dads who are also students can meet, share their thoughts and support one another. The idea for SPJ came about when Sherrill W. Mosee was writing the book Professor, May I Bring My Baby to Class? SPJ carries on where the book leaves off. It is a positive place where you can network, share thoughts and tips, and find resources and information about programs, services, colleges, and universities supporting teen parents and college Student Parents.
Mission: To provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation. Today’s veterans face tremendous obstacles in their path of attaining a college degree. These challenges range from a missing sense of camaraderie to a lack of understanding by university faculty and peers. When coupled with the visible and invisible wounds of war, a college degree seems to be an elusive goal for men and women returning from military service. Student Veterans of America (SVA) makes that goal a reality.