Health Sciences Department - Exercise Physiology Major

Exercise Science - Exercise Physiology Option

physical therapy trainingIf you really want to explore the amazing human body and learn how it works, the Exercise Physiology Option may be for you.

Pre-professional training best describes this option which means that if you choose it you will likely go on to advanced study in a health sciences career area.  A strong core of science courses is required. Some examples of health care fields include: physical, occupational and exercise therapies; medical and osteopathic physicians and surgery; chiropractic, dentistry, nursing, physician assistants; nurse practitioners and other medical providers. These professions require additional education and certification necessary for licensure.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the job outlook for the above mentioned career areas is strong ranging from an increase of 20-40% over the next ten years. This is especially true due to the increase in the geriatric population and the coinciding increase in demand for therapeutic services amongst the elderly.


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