Health Sciences Department - Exercise Physiology Lab

Exercise Science Physiology Lab

cycling team member in lab The Exercise Physiology Lab is used by the following Exercise Science courses:

• ES 242 - Testing and Statistics
• ES 254 - Adapted Exercise
• ES 265 - Physical Activity and Aging
• ES 335 - Kinesiology and Biomechanics
• ES 340 - Motor Learning and Control
• ES 353 - Nutrition, Fitness and Sport
• ES 360 - Exercise Physiology
• ES 495 - Research Design and Development
• ES 496 - Senior Seminar and Research in Exercise Science

The lab is also used by faculty researchers to further their understanding of Exercise Science and related fields.

The new, bigger (2015) Exercise Science lab includes the following: 8 new computers, BioImpedance Body Fat Analyzer, Cybex isokinetic dynamometer, Gas Analyzers, Galvanized Skin Response Monitors, Hydrostatic Weighing Tank, Kinestheometer, Lactate Analyzers, Rowing Ergometer, Skeletons, and Treadmills.