Health Sciences Department - Testimonials


I'm thankful for all the faculty at Fort Lewis College for all of the help they gave me when I attended. Having worked at a university and talking to many, many people who've graduated with Exercise Science degrees, I feel that FLC prepared me better than most other schools. When there's a chance to recommend FLC's Exercise Science program, I do.
-- Jason Cork, Exercise Science alum, 2007, assistant coach of USA World Cup cross country team

The best thing about being an Exercise Science student is all the knowledgeable professors. They are easy to approach and engage with. I also enjoy the hands-on experiences generated in the various classes.
-- Shea Sena, Exercise Science major (2012)

 The education in the exercise science department was top notch. Not only were all the staff members approachable but the small class sizes made it easy for students to interact with professors and get extra help if needed. This program prepares you for the real world and allows you to engage in hands experience that you will come across in everyday tasks that an employed exercise science major encounters. The departments unique style of allowing students opportunities to teach and present materials to colleagues makes it unlike any college out there. 
--David Gutierrez,  Exercise Science alum, 2012, The Pinon Project Youth Activities Coordinator

 We both loved FLC, the fact that you can work closely with your professors made the experience more engaging for us.
Ryan Nelson, Exercise Science alum 2003, firefighter in Aurora, Colorado and wife Brianne

...almost all of the classes I have taken in the past year since changing majors attributed to what I did for DMR during my practicum.  For this I have to give big kudos to Fort Lewis College for designing an option under Exercise Science that closely relates to and sets up students to be successful with their careers in Sports Administration.
-- Vincent D'Alanno, Exercise Science major - Sport Administration Option (2013)