Student Health Center

New Student Information


All new students are required to submit their immunization records to the Fort Lewis College Student Health Center prior to the first day of classes. Colorado State law requires you to submit an immunization record with evidence of two MMR vaccinations (measles, mumps, rubella).

Students interested in getting the MMR vaccine through the Student Health Center should contact us at (970) 247-7355 to make an appointment. The cost for the MMR vaccination is $83.

A current copy of your immunization record must be submitted by: September 13, 2016 for the fall semester, January 24, 2017 for the spring semester.

If you do not comply with this requirement, a $25 fee and a hold on making any registration changes will be placed on your student account.

Use the following information to assist you in obtaining and submitting records:

  • You can most likely obtain a copy of your immunization records from your high school or previous college, your doctor, or your own immunization documents. To obtain a copy from your doctor's office you may complete the Release of Immunization Records & Certificate of Immunization form found under the "Forms" tab.
  • We prefer that the immunization record be sent to the Student Health Center by scan/email to Other options include mailing to (Student Health Center, 1000 Rim Drive Durango, CO 81301) and faxing to (970-247-7621), by the above census date deadlines.
  • Due to the high volume of incoming immunization records we are unable to respond with a confirmation stating your record has been received.  If we have NOT received your record or if it is non-compliant you will be notified by email before the September 16 deadline.

Please note:  You have the legal right to sign an exemption from this vaccination for personal, medical, or religious reasons. If you do so, you will be subject to quarantine and excluded from campus for up to 3 months in the case of an outbreak of measles, mumps, or rubella. To submit an exemption please fill out the top portion and sign the bottom portion of the Certificate of Immunization Form found under the "Forms" tab.


Colorado State Law also requires that post secondary institutions provide information to all incoming freshmen living on campus about meningococcal disease (meningitis). Students must either provide proof of a meningococcal disease vaccination, or sign the form stating that they are aware of the risks and have chosen not to get the vaccination. Students interested in getting the meningitis vaccine through the Student Health Center should contact the us at (970) 247-7355 to make an appointment. The cost for the meningitis vaccination is $113.

Information Regarding Meningococcal Disease

Meningitis Information from the Center of Disease Control

Fort Lewis College Health Center does not bill medical insurance for payment of services. We will supply you with an itemized receipt which can be submitted to your medical insurance for reimbursement or your insurance company may apply it to your deductible. This includes immunizations received in our clinic.

Tuberculosis Screening

The Fort Lewis College Health Center invites all students to review the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire and present it to the Health Center. This is a voluntary form. Our medical staff will review the responses, contact students at risk, and, in a confidential office visit, explain recommendations for evaluating that risk. TB skin testing or serum lab is available at the Health Center. Treatment, if needed, can also be obtained through the Health Center.

Fort Lewis College is participating in a voluntary Tuberculosis Risk Screening Program, along with many other colleges and universities across the country, as we attempt to prevent outbreaks of tuberculosis, a significant public health concern.  With many of our students traveling internationally, Fort Lewis will play a key role in early detection (through screening), prompt diagnosis and treatment for any student considered at-risk.  This program is designed to protect not only the individual, but also the public, from an outbreak.  Participation by our students is voluntary at this time.