Department of History

Neil McHugh, Professor

Office: 207 Noble Hall
Office phone: 970-247-7411


Previously Taught Courses

HIST 140: Survey of African History I

An overview of important historical trends in Africa from ancient times to the 19th century. Themes of technological innovation, social change, state and empire building, the spread of Islam, international commerce and the slave trade receive emphasis.

HIST 141: Survey of African History II

A study of 19th and 20th century Africa. Special attention is paid to the growing importance of Africa in world affairs and to links with the peoples of African descent in the Americas.

HIST 321: War and Peace in Africa

Most of the world's wars in recent years have been in Africa, and most have been internationalized civil wars. Why? The losses and suffering have been incalculable in the poorest of the continents. What national, regional and global factors have been at play? What peacekeeping and peace-building initiatives have been undertaken?

HIST 343: Ancient Nile Valley

Survey of developments in Ancient Egypt and Nubia from the origins of agriculture through the Pyramid Age, Egyptian Imperialism, Nubia's golden era, the impact of Hellenism and down to the extinction of the last outpost of Pharaohic civilization at Meroe.

HIST 348: Africans in the Americas

The dispersion of Africans to the Americas during the slave trade and the subsequent history of people of African descent in the Western Hemisphere, with particular reference to cultural developments and to the pan-African movement.

HIST 349: Islam in History

the emergence of the Islamic religion in 7th century Arabia, the development of Islamic institutions and civilization in Asia and Africa, and the significance of Islamic cultures in the history of sciences, arts, literature, technology, and historiography.

HIST 396: Philosophy and Methods

The course explores the ways historians, past and present, think about and practice the craft of writing history. It introduces students to new fields of historical research and multi-disciplinary approaches to the past. Special emphasis is placed on developing skills necessary for becoming successful writers in the field. This course is required for all majors and should be taken in the second term of the sophomore year or during the junior year.

 HIST 496: Research Senior Seminar

A capstone course in the preparation of a senior history research paper with a public presentation and defense.