John F. Reed Honors Program

How the John F. Reed Honors Program Works

Students admitted to the program who complete the requirements specified in their catalog and earn a 3.0 cumulative GPA will receive a notation on their transcripts that they are John F. Reed Honors Scholars and receive special recognition at Honors convocation and graduate with a Minor in the Rhetoric of Inquiry.

Admission Policy

To gain admission to the Honors Program, students must meet specific eligibility requirements as well as submit application materials. Applications are reviewed by the Honors Council followed by applicants being interviewed. Learn the details of these requirements here.  

 Requirements for Graduation

 The requirements to graduate as a John F. Reed Honors Scholar are catalog-specific.

Perks of the Honors Program

 Perks for admitted Honors Program students include:

  • Students who are accepted into the Honors Program are eligible to receive a Minor in Rhetoric of Inquiry upon graduation
  • Priority registration
  • Key to Honors Lounge in Jones Hall 158; Lounge has a VCR, DVD, couch, microwave, refrigerator, coffee pot, book shelves, study space, and computers
  • An active community of like-minded students interested in academic challenge and intriguing conversation
  • Book clubs/graduate school panels/guest speakers and other events
  • Right to choose which concerts, etc. the honors program will buy tickets for 
  • Honors designation listed on transcript and graduation program
  • Honors designation listed on transcript and graduation program for those students on pre-Minor catalogs
  • Honors hoods to be worn at graduation
  • Outside mentorship on honors thesis
  • Bound copy of honors thesis
  • Special presentation reception with cake and punch

Opportunities for First Semester Freshmen

Freshmen are eligible for three freshmen honors programs. These are Stand Alone Honors Forums, Honors Learning Communities, and the Hungry Mind House residence hall (if it is offered). You can do one or all three. However, you are not automatically in the honors program itself. We do not have a “passive” honors program as does, say, CU, where anyone with a 3.3 and top 10% HS class rating gets in. Rather, we use students’ performance in an honors forum (either stand-alone or in a cluster) as a gatekeeper for those who apply. In other words, you must have a forum under your belt, a 3.0 GPA, and at least 15 credit hours to apply to the program. Taking a forum first term is an excellent idea for anyone even considering applying. That said, we have the Freshman Programs to channel prospective Honors students in the right direction and retain those students who need a true challenge.

For more information contact Cathy Hartney or click here to see a list of the Honors Council Members.