John F. Reed Honors Program - Hungry Mind House

Hungry Mind House

The Hungry Mind House is the most complete community experience in campus housing. Super people, super caliber, many many in-dorm activities with book clubs, professors’ talks, Professional Associates get-togethers. Highly recommended.

Advantages to the Hungry Mind House Residence Hall:

  • If you are in Hungry MInd House AND in a Forum for Fall, you get priority registration for Winter term.
  • FREE tix to concerts, theatre events, speakers, etc.
  • Round Table Dinners with good food and interesting guest speakers
  • Mentorship and programs from the Professional Associates, retired community members ready and willing to help honors students
  • In-dorm discussions by faculty et al
  • Increased mentorship from Admitted Honors Students (i.e. upperclassmen)

Starting in Fall 2009, all residents of Hungry Mind House must register for GS 100: Hungry Mind House.

For questions about Hungry Mind House contact Bridget Irish or Michael Martin, the Hungry Mind House Faculty Coordinators.