John F. Reed Honors Program

Applying to the John F. Reed Honors Program

The road to becoming a John F. Reed Honors Scholar begins here . . .

Dr. William Lee Mangrum, Coordinator of the John F. Reed Honors Program, processes each application within ten (10) days of receiving an applicant's complete package. There are no deadlines. Students are invited to apply for admission to the Honors Program at any time during the academic year.

  • Once Dr. Mangrum has reviewed your materials and talked with your references, he will arrange for a conversation with you in the Honors Lounge (158 Jones Hall). If you wish, you may bring a friend, family member, or academic advisor to this introductory conversation.
  • After speaking with Dr. Mangrum, if you choose to continue your journey, you will interview with two members of the Faculty Honors Council. These will be private interviews, of no more than twenty minutes, in each professor's office.
  • Within two (2) days of your interviews, Dr. Mangrum will contact you to communicate the council's recommendation and his decision.

Processing a completed application takes less than three weeks. But the goodness that comes with becoming a John F. Reed Honors Scholar will be with you forever . . . So, if you are ready to start this life-changing conversation, please attend to the following information.

Incoming (first year) students should apply to Honors Program if they have

  • completed high school with a cumulative 3.60 GPA (weighted or unweighted)
  • registered for HON 250 (Community of Scholars) in their first term at Fort Lewis College

Current FLC students should apply to the Honors Program if they have

  • registered for or have already completed HON 250 (Community of Scholars)
  • accrued less than 50 college credits
  • maintained a cumulative 3.10 GPA in college

Transfer and Non-Standard Students

Interested students transferring to Fort Lewis College from another college or FLC students who do not meet the aforementioned requirements should contact Dr. William Lee Mangrum to discuss their situation. If you are interested in becoming a John F. Reed Honors Scholar and if conversations give evidence that you are right for our program, we'll work with you.

Application Requirements

  • Compose a letter detailing your interest in and reasons for becoming an Honors Scholar.
  • Secure an unofficial copy of your high school or college transcript.
  • Collect a sample of your best academic writing.
  • Provide letters--two from educational instructors and one from a non-academic mentor.

ACT and SAT scores may be submitted. However, these are not required for admission.

Please email your application pact to