John F. Reed Honors Program

Apply to Teach Honors

1. Contact William Lee Mangrum, Temporary Coordinator of the John F. Reed Honors Program. Email (, call (ext. 6764), or stop by the Honors Hub (104-106 Jones Hall) to visit. It is important to meet with him before you begin to design your course. 

2. Before meeting with the Temporary Coordinator, review the Mission and Core Values as well as the Goals and Learning Outcomes of the John F. Reed Honors Program. Course pedagogies should align with the Mission and Core Values of the Honors Program. As well, course goals and program goals must align.

3. Each Honors Forum must be designed to fit within one of three "topics" buckets:

  • 221/421: Innovative Thinkers
  • 222/422: Intellectual Foundations
  • 223/423: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

‚ÄčTo aid clarification of these "topics" buckets, please review the descriptions in the Academic Catalog.

4. Possible themes, titles, term, days and time, resource materials, syllabus development, and the signature assignments required for all Honors Forums will be covered in your discussion with the Temporary Coordinator. As well, the Temporary Coordinator will assist students enrolled in each forum with the signature assignment and each instructor with the development of an Honors Syllabus.

5. Also, it would be good for you to become familiar with Honors Programs and Modes of Honors Learning as defined by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC)

6. The Honors Council advises the Temporary Coordinator on selecting forums. To assist Honors Scholars completing the Rhetoric of Inquiry minor, one course per term from each "topics" bucket will be scheduled. Also, when selecting topics and instructors, underrepresented disciplines will be considered. 

7. Team-taught forums will be considered if the instructors represent two or more disciplines.

8. Instructors selected to teach will be notified three months prior to the designated term. They will be assisted by the Temporary Coordinator in preparing an Honors Syllabus for posting in compliance with all academic policies. Instructors must put their curriculum vitae on file with the Honors Program office. 

9. Forums are 2-credits. Instructors will be paid the standard "overload" from the Honors Program budget.

10. Upon completion of their forum, instructors will receive a letter of appreciation from the Honors Council and the Temporary Coordinator for inclusion in their Professional Action File (PAF). Additionally, they may list themselves as Honors Faculty for two years following.