John F. Reed Honors Program

John F. Reed Honors Program

[Text for 2016-2017 Catalog Under Review]

Coordinator: William Lee Mangrum

The John F. Reed Honors Program is for high-achieving students. Applicants should be both curious and disciplined.

Students should apply early in their college career. Those with more than 40 credits are not eligible for admission. Applicants should check the homepage of the John F. Reed Honors Program for details.  

Once admitted, each Honors Scholar meets with the Honors Coordinator to design a unique course of study. The Honors Coordinator will mentor each Honors Scholar in a collaborative, creative engagement of a real-world problem. Their combined efforts lead to the scholar's capstone project completed in their final year.

Honors Scholars must complete the introductory course (HON 250) and five (5) two-credit forums before proceeding to their capstone project. Forums are unique two-credit courses taught by selected members of the Honors Faculty.

Honors Scholars successfully completing and presenting their capstone project earn a minor in Rhetoric of Inquiry.

The Honors Coordinator, working under the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, directs the John F. Reed Honors Program with input from the Faculty Honors Council.

Honors Courses Descriptions

Minor in Rhetoric of Inquiry

Rhetoric of Inquiry Minor