John F. Reed Honors Program - Honors Coordinator

William Lee Mangrum

Bill Mangrum

Dr. William Lee Mangrum is a first generation college graduate with Irish, Swedish, and Cherokee ancestors. His father worked, at various times, as a cotton-picker, logger, drill instructor, contractor, and developer. His mother labored in the public schools, helped with the family businesses, raised two children, tended to her aging parents, and served on numerous local boards.

Bill, as he prefers to be called by all scholars in each of his classes, values the many sacrifices extended families make to send their loved ones to college. “Education is a gift,” he says, “and this gift requires much hard work to receive! It requires even harder work to share knowledge with others, passing on what you receive to your family, friends, and strangers.”

Dr. Mangrum came to Fort Lewis College by way of an invitation from the Department of Philosophy to fill out an “Introduction to World Religions” course in the Fall Term of 2010. He has since collaborated with colleagues and students in the Writing Program, the Religious Studies Program, Peace and Conflict Studies, and the English Department. In January of 2016 he was appointed Coordinator of the John F. Reed Honors Program. Bill's duties include mentoring Honors Scholars, crafting and facilitating Honors Forums, supervising capstone projects, and hosting monthly dinners in his home for all Honors Scholars and special guests.

Dr. Mangrum’s primary concern is the linking of self-reflective, critical thinking with compassionate action. His courses emphasize the development of “conversational, caring, collaborative scholarship” unto the end that all peoples might flourish, so that the entire planet might thrive.

Bill welcomes your interest in the John F. Reed Honors Program. He is always willing to meet with prospective scholars, their family members, and their friends. If you are interested in a different college experience, something both demanding and life-changing, contact him today.

You can leave a voice message for Bill at 970-247-6764, stop by his office at 104 Jones Hall, or email him at

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