John F. Reed Honors Program - Expectations


Coming Soon . . .

Completing the John F. Reed Honors Program isn't easy. More is required than simply accruing credits. More is expected of our Honors Scholars. This "more" that is required of Honors Scholars will, however, nurture a different college graduate.

We are currently revising our expectations of Honors Scholars. We want that each Honors Scholar should know exactly, clearly, what is expected of them through the course of each year and for the entirety of their participation in the Honors Program. Before Fall Term 2016 we'll clarify for Honors Scholars our expectations in three main areas: (1) Honors Program; (2) College; and (3) Personal and Community.

Honors Program

  1. Honors Program Mission and Values
  2. Honors Program Course Work.
  3. Honors Program Mentoring Responsibilities
  4. Honors Program Collegial Responsibilities


  1. Gen-ed Course Work
  2. Major Course Work
  3. College governance

Personal and Community

  1. Personal Responsibilities
  2. Community Responsibilities

Check back soon . . . Ours expectations of Honors Scholars will be posted here!

Consider Us

We care about our Honors Scholars. We talk with our Honors Scholars daily. We eat together, laugh together, work together, research together, and learn together. If you want to be challenged and cared for . . . apply here!