Why Join?

Making a decision to join an Honors Program can be difficult. Honors Programs are demanding, requiring not only that students possess "high-abilities" but that they also are "high-achievers."

That said . . .

  • If you worry that college will be another fours years much like high school . . .
  • If you worry you'll get lost in the crowds and fail to find a community . . .
  • If you worry that a degree won't prepare you for living wisely and living well . . .

Consider us.


Our Honors Program is built on mentoring. Elsewhere mentoring is occasional. At Fort Lewis College, mentoring is intentional. Mentoring is integral to the John F. Reed Honors Program.

  • Honors Scholars meet regularly with the Coordinator of the John F. Reed Honors Program.
  • Together they review the scholar's academic courses, personal life, service, and work.

And this pattern of meetings continues  . . . and continues . . . and continues until the Honors Scholar graduates from the John F. Reed Honors Program. Once we start, we don't quit.


In addition to regular mentoring sessions, scholars are frequently invited to dinners held for all Honors Scholars. Around a large table in a private home or crowded around the game table in the Honors Hub, Honors Scholars and guests share stories, dream dreams, debate ideas, examine consequences, and build relationships. Sitting together, we learn to listen and to care.


We care about our Honors Scholars. If you want to be challenged and cared for, apply here!