Student Housing

Room & Board Rates 2016-17


The rates listed below are for the 2016-17 academic year. 
All rates listed are per student, per semester.

Residence Halls

Traditional Hall (Camp, Crofton, Escalante)  
Double Occupancy Room $2,310.00
Two-Bedroom Suite (Camp, Crofton, Cooper, Escalante)  
Double Occupancy Room    $2,662.00
Two-Bedroom Suite (West)  
Double Occupancy Room $3,212.00
Three Bedroom Suite (Bader & Snyder Adventure House)  
Double Occupancy Room $3,212.00
Single Occupancy Room $4,070.00
Four Bedroom Suite (Animas Hall and Faculty-in-Residence)  
Single Occupancy Room $4,070.00



All apartments include kitchen units, therefore students are not required to have a meal plan. Students can add any meal plan by using WebOPUS. Additions and changes to meal plans can be made until each term's Census Date.

Apartments (Centennial)  
Two Bedroom, Double Occupancy  $2,662.00
One Bedroom, Double Occupancy $3,212.00
Apartments (Mears)  
Two Bedroom, Single Occupancy  $3,553.00
Apartments (Family Housing)  
One Bedroom $3,553.00
Two Bedroom $4,070.00


All students assigned to the residence halls will automatically be assigned the 14-meal plan. See our Campus Dining page for more information about meal plans.

14-Meal Plan + $500.00 Dining Dollars $2,354
12-Meal Plan + $500.00 Dining Dollars $2,233
10-Meal Plan + $500.00 Dining Dollars $2,112
2-Meal Plan + $200.00 Dining Dollars** $473

**(only available to commuter students or apartment residents)

Proposed rates, subject to approval by Board of Trustees.