The Residence Director (RD) is a full-time professional responsible for the supervision and development of on-campus students. The Residence Director and his or her staff are important to a student's success in adjusting to residential collegiate community living.  

Building RD Phone E-mail
Animas Hall Shelby Robinson 970-247-6538
Mears & Centennial Apartments   Matthew Tillman   970-247-7610
Bader-Snyder Complex Miranda James 970-247-7471
Camp Hall Kelly Avant 970-247-7594
West Hall Tucker Beck 970-247-7477
Cooper Hall Molly Turner 970-247-7476
Crofton Hall Joshua Parshley 970-247-7201
Escalante Hall Laura Owens 970-247-7601


Senior Resident Assistant (SRA)
This is a full-time student who has had at least two years of RA experience.

Resident Assistant (RA)
Resident Assistants live in each apartment complex and each hallway in the residence halls. This is a full-time student trained to help students adjust to on-campus living and to act as a resource and liaison to campus departments.