Student Housing

Special Living Options

Adventure House Living-Learning Community (LLC)
The Adventure House is an exciting option which offers residential students the opportunity to live with other students who have common interests and who are similarly invested in having fun and learning together.

Fort Lewis College students hiking engineer mountain
Excursion to nearby Engineer Mountain

Whether you are a life-long outdoor enthusiast or have never ventured off pavement, the Adventure House affords you the opportunity to blend academics, community living, and human-powered backcountry adventure.

Residents are dedicated to learning about and enjoying wilderness related activities. Adventure House staff partner with residents to plan a variety of workshops, clinics and programs around favorite outdoor activities. Every year residents find new ways to be involved with enjoying and respecting the backcountry.

"The Adventure House helped me make lifelong friends. We lived, learned and played together and it was a great year," - Sarah Hall, Marketing major

Faculty in Residence (FIR) Program
Animas Hall offers a Faculty in Residence Program through a collaboration of Academic Affairs and the Department of Student Housing. It fosters a heightened sense of intellectual curiosity, as well as providing a unique dynamic in the residential community, by bringing the student-teacher relationship outside the classroom and into the living environment. Both informal interactions between faculty and students, and engaging purposeful programs will foster dialogue on broad topical areas such as education, social responsibility, civic engagement and personal growth.

This year's faculty member is Dr. Michael Dichio, an Assistant Professor in the Political Science department. Check out Dr. Dichio's Faculty-in-Residence Bio.  Also, take a look at this year's Faculty in Residence programming schedule: Welcome to your Life.

Family Housing
Fort Lewis College offers family housing in the Centennial Apartment Complex for students who are married or who have legal guardianship of children.  Space is limited and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Housing Accommodations
Fort Lewis College recognizes that individuals with disabilities may need reasonable accommodations, modifications, or auxiliary aids in order to have equal access to the programs and services offered.  In keeping with our commitment to diversity, and in compliance with federal and state law, we provide reasonable accommodations in on-campus housing to students with qualified disabilities.  Students who need accommodations are responsible for requesting these services from and for meeting with the Disabilities Services Office.  Students are encouraged to note the desired accommodation on their Housing Application, and to complete their application and the intake process with Disability Services as early as possible.

Gender Neutral Housing
In an effort to provide a living environment welcoming to all gender identities, Fort Lewis College offers Gender Neutral Housing (GNH) on campus. GNH allows for same gender, opposite-gender, or other-gender identities to live together as roommates/suitemates, regardless of biological sex.  The GNH option strives to create a living environment where students can participate in a caring community and feel safe to be who they are. For more information about our Gender Neutral Housing option, please feel free to see our frequently asked questions page at  You can also contact us at 970-247-7503 or