Hozhoni Days Powwow

2017 Hozhoni Days Powwow Winners

powwow dancer

Dancers & Drummers

The Fort Lewis College faculty, staff and students would like to congratulate the 2017 Hozhoni Days Winners.




  • 1st Quannah Henry
  • 2nd Jarid Yazzie
  • 3rd Ty Johnson


  • 1st Darryl Bolton
  • 2nd Lee Jack Jr.
  • 3rd Buddy Omeasoo

Northern Traditional

  • 1st Jared Brown
  • 2nd Donovan Chee-Chief
  • 3rd Malcolm Murphey

Southern Traditional

  • 1st Rylan Jim
  • 2nd Wayne Longhorn
  • 3rd Shude Victors


  • 1st Carol Melting Tollow
  • 2nd Jessica Yazzie
  • 3rd Jaleeen Salazar

Jingle Dress

  • 1st Prarie Rose Jack
  • 2nd Teri John
  • 3rd Shoshawna Jack

Northern Traditional

  • 1st Jocina Tsosie
  • 2nd Michelle Wane
  • 3rd Janelle Chee-Chief

Southern Traditional

  • 1st Natasha Broken Shoulder
  • 2nd Heather Roubideaux
  • 3rd Victoria Archuleta

Teen Boys

Teen Girls


  • 1st Jaron Yazzie
  • 2nd Terrea Johnson
  • 3rd Maximus Sheka


  • 1st Darnell Chee-Chief
  • 2nd Xavier Martin
  • 3rd Travontae Becenti


  • 1st Lyndrith Yazzie
  • 2nd Misun Clairmont
  • 3rd Thierry Boo


  • 1st Weveah Jishie
  • 2nd Cheyenne Manheimer
  • 3rd Deliah Nakai


  • 1st Kendra Becenti
  • 2nd Dayna Little Dog
  • 3rd Teyanna Becenti


  • 1st Anna Dale
  • 2nd Wheylaya Becenti
  • 3rd Leyalynn Yazzie

Northern Drum

Southern Drum

  • 1st Callin Eagle
  • 2nd Old Style
  • 3rd Battle Shield
  • 1st Southern Style
  • 2nd Yellow Jacket
  • 3rd Southern Gunz

Golden Age Men

Golden Age Women

  • 1st Tommy Draper
  • 2nd Rusty Bon
  • 3rd Edd Scott
  • 1st Carmen Clairmont
  • 2nd Mabel Cozad
  • 3rd Charlene Cozad