About Our Program

CRM Certificate Program

class studying ruinsRequired Courses
ANTH 201: Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 320: Laboratory Techniques in Archaeology
ANTH 360: Legal and Ethical Issues in Anthropology
ANTH 369: Field Training in Archaeology

Required Electives
Complete at least one course in each category:

class studying ruins Field experience:
ANTH 316: Approved Internship
ANTH 403: Advanced Archaeological Field Techniques

Practical skills:
GEOG 310: Introduction to Computer Mapping and GIS
ANTH 375: Museums and Critical Heritage

*Approved elective course
*Pre-approved elective courses include any upper division archaeology class:
  • ANTH 208: Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • ANTH 359: Forensic Osteology and Bioarchaeology
  • HIST 255: Introduction to Heritage Preservation, and
  • NAIS 450: Tribal Preservation. Additional electives must be approved by the program coordinator. 
Fort Lewis College Certificate Rules and Requirements

The CRM Certificate Program is one of three certificate programs approved by Fort Lewis College. Each of these programs consist of a specified set of academic courses that focus on a specific topic, representing a coherent and relatively free standing body of knowledge. Successful completion of a certificate signifies the achievement of competence in the specified domain and is recognized by the awarding of a certificate (an official document) from the sponsoring department or program. Completion of certificate programs approved by the College will also be noted on the official student transcript.

The following rules and requirements govern all certificate programs approved by the college:

  • A minimum “C” grade must be earned in each course applied toward the certificate program.
  • All coursework must be in graded courses. Pass/fail work will not be accepted toward certificate requirements.
  • At least 50% of the coursework toward the certificate must be earned at Fort Lewis College.
  • Both degree-seeking and unclassified students may be admitted to a certificate program; however, all students must be matriculated through the Office of Admission and Advising.
  • Certificate coursework may also be applied in fulfillment of requirements for departmental majors or minors.
  • Course substitutions within a certificate program may be requested by a student, but require written approval of both the program director and the appropriate dean.
  • Courses taken prior to admission to the certificate program can be counted toward the certificate only with the program director’s specific approval.
  • Certificates will not be awarded to individuals who have completed all of the coursework prior to admission to the certificate program.