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Pecos Conference 2015
Posted 11/1/2014

Dr. Riggs has volunteered to serve as chair of the 2015 Pecos Conference, which will be held August 6-9, 2015 at an as yet undetermined location near Mancos, Colorado. We are excited for the conference, and welcome any and all students and community members are interested in volunteering at the conference and/or helping to organize the event. If you have questions about the conference or would like to volunteer, please e-mail Dr. Riggs at We'll see you all in 2015!

Archaeological Fieldwork Will Help Protect Nearby Treasures
Posted 7/05/2013

Students in the 2013 Fort Lewis College Archaeological Field School didn't have to travel far to make discoveries about the Four Corners region's rich cultural history. In fact, they could see their area of exploration from campus.  Read More

Fort Lewis College Awards its First Heritage Resource Management Certificate
Posted 4/18/2008

On Saturday, 26 April, Ms. Joan Rohwer graduated with Fort Lewis College's first certificate in Heritage Resource Management. Joan has focused on the certificate's CRM option. To satisfy the upper-division field components of the certificate, she worked as a summer intern for the Bureau of Land Management's Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and attended Fort Lewis College's Pigg Site excavations (funded by Colorado State Historical Society Grant #2007-02-13), both in the summer of 2007. Additionally, because of Joan's obvious commitment to a professional career in Heritage Resource Management, she was also awarded the Department of Anthropology's graduating senior with most professional promise award. Congratulations to Joan on both of these accomplishments!

The Importance of Heritage Resource Management
Posted 3/10/2008

Cliff Palace, the Iliad, Machu Picchu, Gettysburg Battlefield, Algonquian Origin Stories, the Strater Hotel, Stonehenge. What do all of these have in common? They represent the cultural heritage of a contemporary or past group of people. These heritage resources are the definitive non-renewable resource, providing a sense of identity, pride, nationalism and even exploitation for the people who recognize them as important. All over the world today these traditions are being compromised by a rapidly expanding global economy. As communities struggle to preserve their cultural identity, they are often faced with challenging decisions.

Many employers, from government and tribal agencies to private developers, are looking for people with proven understanding and experience in the preservation and management of cultural resources. A Heritage Resource Management Certificate from Fort Lewis College would make you more competitive in the job market by providing a set of skills that employers are increasingly demanding as they struggle to comply with legislation related to the management of cultural heritage resources.