Welcome to the Liberal Studies Major!

students walking on campusAre you . . .

  • Excited by discovering how ideas weave together?
  • Startled and pleased when information and ideas overlap, when you see relationships?
  • Interested in a wide range of subjects and ways of inquiring about the world?
  • Curious to see how studies fit together, how one subject illuminates another?
  • Uneasy with the prospect of choosing just one major field of study or even choosing a double major?

If so, the Liberal Studies Major may be for you.

The Liberal Studies Major is a broad, multi-disciplinary major in the humanities and social sciences. Its core characteristic is flexibility and freedom, letting students tailor their college work toward exploration and broad cultural grounding for the bachelor’s degree, for teaching and other aspects of education, for those heading to graduate school, and for those contemplating careers in law, business, social service agencies like adult and family services, health and welfare organizations, criminal justice, research enterprises, or governmental service.

The wide range of careers depend on the skills and abilities cultivated by the major, such as the ability to gather, categorize, and implement approaches to difficult problems; the ability to understand and analyze complex concepts and to arrive at sound, defensible judgments and decisions regarding them; and the ability to organize information, draw inferences, write persuasively, and fashion memorable presentations.

The Liberal Studies Major, above all, allows students to cultivate their particular and developing interests.