The Liberal Studies Major

students studying outsideFlexibility and freedom characterize the major.  Novel combinations express your interests and enthusiasms. 

The Liberal Studies major consists of four possible tracks which are:

  • General Track
  • Interdisciplinary Track
  • Community Engagement Track
  • Honors Track

You choose three fields of study from traditional Humanities’ disciplines and from disciplines often classified as social science. 

Of these three fields of study, one will be your “primary concentration.”  You’ll take 30 credits in it.  Your two other fields of study will be your two “secondary concentrations."  You’ll take 24 credits in these two fields.

Here are the fields of study—or disciplines—for the Liberal Studies major:

  • Traditional Humanities’ disciplines:
    • Art
    • Music
    • English
    • Philosophy
    • Modern Language
    • Theatre
  • Other disciplines often classified as social science:
    • Anthropology
    • Psychology
    • Economics
    • Sociology
    • History
    • Gender and Women’s Studies
    • Political Science

From those 13 disciplines you’ll choose the three that best express your interests and future plans. Liberal Studies majors often end up taking minors in still other fields of study.

As you’ll discover, each of these disciplines or fields of study represents a different way of looking at the world. Each one approaches human life with different assumptions, values different sorts of evidence, and emerges with different sorts of conclusions. It’s this great and rich diversity of approach and opinion that will excite you as you pursue your major.