Liberal Studies Graduates

Hayley EngstromHayley Engstrom - Liberal Studies Major: English (primary) with Spanish and Southwest Studies (secondary), History Minor, John F. Reed Honors Program, Honors at graduation.

Hayley was a busy, energetic, committed student throughout her career at Fort Lewis.  Here are a few of many comments she shared with us:

“I’d changed my major so many times . . . I couldn’t pick one to like enough for it to be my full-on major!  To me, Liberal Studies is like the epitome of the liberal arts education.  It’s awesome.  There are no restrictions, you just take X amount of lower division classes and X amount of upper division.  I took classes I was interested in.” 

”People laugh when I say I want to be a librarian.  It’s not a super common thing for people my age to want to be.  But all of my professors have been really supportive of it.  They’re glad I am willing to explore the not-so-everyday jobs for our majors.  My professors are like, when you’re a librarian, be sure to consider this or include these books on your list. . . .  They’re all so supportive.”

Advice:  “Be open-minded about the classes you’re going to take.  Take a class about something you might not think you’re into.  Also, don’t shoot for being comfortable.”

All it takes is one class, one classroom experience to completely change your life and what you want to do with it.”


Jon RezabekJon Rezabek - Liberal Studies Major: English (primary) with Sociology and Spanish (secondary), Adventure Education Minor, Honors at Graduation

Throughout his career at Fort Lewis College, Jon was committed to exploration and novel re-combinations.  Here are a few of the many comments he shared with us. 

 “The way the world is going is that people are sharing more—there is globalization to think about and you need to be knowledgeable about a lot more than your specific field or area of interest.  The world is interdisciplinary.  It definitely ups your chances for success and happiness too—a liberal arts background.  I think it gives you a greater understanding of the world we live in.” 

"I really think my particular degree has made me a really interdisciplinary person.  It has made me conscious of human rights, and human injustice, and I can speak Spanish, and I have a minor in outdoor education and I feel like I have all of these skills and could pursue each one.  I don’t have a straight and narrow plan right now, but I like to keep my options open.  That’s sort of a theme of my life.” 

"Liberal Studies allowed me to encapsulate my multiple interests into a degree, which is fantastic.  I didn’t have to let go of anything.  That’s a huge part of why I’m so happy here.  I was able to do that.  Pursue all of these interests and still earn a degree.  It was flexible, but very academic.”