About Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College is located on a mesa overlooking the town of Durango in the Four Corners area. Durango, a town of approximately 16,000 people, is the largest town in southwestern Colorado and serves as the economic, educational, and cultural hub of the region.

The hallmark of Fort Lewis College is its faculty. Students in the classroom will be learning from their professor, not a teaching assistant. In all, more than 80 percent of FLC professors hold a doctorate or terminal degree in their field. Add in the number of professors who hold at least a master’s degree and that percentage jumps to over 90 percent.

FLC students report a significantly higher level of interaction with their professors than many other liberal arts colleges. While their focus is on teaching and working closely with their students, College faculty have also developed national reputations for excellence in teaching, research, and curriculum development.

Fort Lewis College enrolls 4,065 students (including extension learners and graduate students), and employs approximately 200 faculty and 300 staff. Fort Lewis College offers degree programs from the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Business Administration, and the Teacher Education Program.