Your HR Staff
Employees are encouraged to visit the Office of Human Resources as a new employee, current employee, or whenever changes in their lives or employment occur. Below is a listing of the staff and their areas of specialization. All members of the HR staff can also answer general questions.
Employment Verification requests can be emailed to or faxed to 970-247-7465

Larissa Lopez
, HR Consultant, 970-247-6080,
  • Student Employment
  • Temporary Employment
  • Faculty and Exempt Benefits
Erin Beezley, HR Consultant, 970-247-7429, 
  • Payroll & Deductions (Faculty/Exempt/Classified)
  • Faculty & Exempt Benefits
  • Exempt Leave Reporting
Trish Grogan, Senior HR Consultant, 970-247-7423,
  • Classified Employment
  • Classified Benefits
  • Worker's Compensation
Greg McClurg, HR Director, 970-247-7433,
  • Policies
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Faculty & Exempt Benefits