IRB - Institutional Review Board - Submission Information

Submission Information

It is the reviewer’s responsibility to determine if the application requires an exempt, expedited, or full review. Review the information on each of the respective pages. The Institutional Review Board has the discretion to do a full review of an expedited application if the risks are significant. ALL research involving children requires Full Review.


IRB applications must be submitted to the IRB by the Principal Investigator who must be a member of the faculty/staff. Submissions made by students will be returned.


Applications must be submitted electronically via the Cayuse system (email submissions will not be accepted): 


Application status can be viewed in Cayuse and change of status, renewal and final reports can be submitted through this system.


*Students should check with their instructor to see if they have been added to the Cayuse system. If not, go to this website to register. Once you login through CAS, you should receive an email confirming your registration and granting you access to Cayuse within 24 hours.


Data from human subjects are not to be collected until approval is received from the Institutional Review Board.


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