IRB - Institutional Review Board - Full Review

Full Review Criteria

A full review is required for research that involves more than minimal risk or that includes protected populations, such as children, prisoners, individuals with disabilities, pregnant women, or any other potentially vulnerable populations. The full review application must be submitted via Cayuse to the IRB committee and will be reviewed at a committee meeting. The primary investigator/co-investigator is expected to attend this meeting. This is a more extensive review process than expedited or exempt applications and thus is longer in duration.

Full Applications must be submitted through the Cayuse system (email submissions will not be accepted):


Full Application instructions and questions can be found on the following documents:           Expedited & Full Instructions                       Expedited & Full Application Questions  


You will receive an e-mail following this meeting asking for more clarification, granting approval or denial. Once the concerns have been satisfactorily addressed, an email approval notice will be sent to both the researcher and the co-PI (student). Researchers are encouraged to attend meetings when their proposals are being discussed.


If you submitted your application via Cayuse, at the end of your study you should submit your final report via Cayuse. Additionally, change of status and renewals should be submitted via Cayuse.


*Students should check with their instructor to see if they have been added to the Cayuse system. If not, go to this website to register. Once you login through CAS, you should receive an email confirming your registration and granting you access to Cayuse within 24 hours.

**Any changes to applications submitted via email under the old system (prior to fall 2016) must use the Change of Status/Annual Review form and submit it via email.

Data from human subjects are not to be collected until approval is received from the Institutional Review Board.