Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO


The goals of the Office of Institutional Research are to support institutional decision-making by providing a broad array of information and analysis to the campus community and to comply with state and national reporting requirements.

Fort Lewis College Fall 2018 at a Glance

Undergraduate Enrollment 3270
   Male students 48%
   Native American/AK Native students (Tribes & Villages) 38%
   Hispanic students 11%
   Minority 50% 
   Federal Pell Grant Eligible 38% 
   Number of states represented 47
   Number of countries represented 13
   Student/Faculty Ratio* 14
   Student FTE* 2962
   Faculty FTE* 210
   Non-teaching staff FTE* 334
Graduate Enrollment 47
Total Enrollment 3317

 * Full Time Equivalent, 2017/18 Fiscal Year  # includes other minorities not listed above.