Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) to campus?

If you are bringing your personally owned device which you will be connecting to the Fort Lewis College network you must register it before being allowed onto the network.  Most devices must have current operating system updates and antivirus software.

What is a BYOD?

Personally owned devices are any electronic device which you would connect to the Internet or the campus network.  These include:

  • Windows, Macintosh and Linux laptops.
  • Desktop computers, Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
  • Ipads and Android tablets.
  • Ipods and MP3 players with wireless connections.
  • Kindle, Nook and other e-book readers.
  • IPhone and other Smartphones with wireless connections.
  • Xbox, Wii and other gaming consoles.AppleTV, Google TV, Internet enabled TVs

What BYOD can’t I connect to the campus network?

Due to security concerns and network stability FLC doesn’t allow certain devices to connect to the network.  The FLC network is significantly larger than your home network, to provide the best network experience we can’t allow all devices to connect to the FLC network.  Your home network generally contains only a few devices and if something goes wrong only those devices are affected.  The FLC network consists of thousands of devices and users which all must work together on the network.  Some devices will interfere with other devices on the network and may cause security problems for other users of the network.

The following personal devices are not allowed to connect to the network:

  • Wireless Routers
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Servers

What are the wireless networks I can connect to on campus?

Fort Lewis College supports 2 official networks on campus.  Please use one of the official networks, if you see a network which is not FORTLEWIS or FORTLEWIS SECURE, it is a rogue network and we strongly recommend you do not connect to it.

FORTLEWIS SECURE: This network provides our highest performance and security.  This is an encrypted network which requires a Fort Lewis College userid and password to connect.  The network uses the 802.1x security protocol.  

When you connect to FORTLEWIS SECURE your device will prompt you for a userid and password, enter your FLC userid and password.  This is the same ID you use on Webopus, theFort and Webmail.  It is also your email name without the

After connecting to FORTLEWIS SECURE you must open a web browser, your device will be scanned for network vulnerabilities before being registered on the network.  The scan may take up to 4 minutes, please be patient and follow the directions on the screen.

FORTLEWIS:  This network is for casual and guest usage.  It does not provide encryption for guest users, other users may be able to see what you are transmitting and receiving.  This network may also have reduced bandwidth if the connections to the college become too busy.  

You must register to use this network, either as a GUEST or with your Fort Lewis College userid and password. 

After connecting to FORTLEWIS you must open a web browser, your device will be scanned for network vulnerabilities before being registered on the network.  The scan may take up to 4 minutes, please be patient and follow the directions on the screen.

How do I connect my gaming device to the network?

Gaming devices without a web browser require a manual registration before they may be used on the network.  You will need to know the MAC address of your device.

To register a gaming device go to  Follow the instructions on the screen.

What if I need help?

If you can’t get your device connected to the network we recommend that you can bring your device to the Connection Center which is located in the basement of the Reed Library.  The Connection Center is open during normal college hours, Monday – Friday 8:00 to 5:00.  You may also call (970) 247-7444 if you have questions.

What about security?

As you connect your devices to the Fort Lewis College networks or any network you should be concerned about security.  If the connection is not encrypted other people may be able to see your information as you transmit and receive it.  You also need to be concerned with how your device is setup to share information.  You may have your device setup to allow others to see your files and pictures which is ok at home but do you want 2000 FLC users to be able to see your files?

If you have a Windows, Macintosh or Linux system you will be scanned to make sure you are using an antivirus software and that your operating system is up to date.  Fort Lewis College provides free antivirus software to all Students and Faculty.  You may download it from the Skysoft store at

FORT LEWIS COLLEGE will never ask for your password in an e-mail, txt message, over the phone or in person.  You may have to enter your password on some websites and on your device. Malicious users may try to trick you into entering your userid and password by looking like a FLC email or website.  Please be cautious and if in doubt call our help desk at 970-247-7444.