Information Technology

More About Banner and Webopus

Ellucian Banner is an enterprise application that the campus uses to manage administrative information ranging from student grades and schedules to human resources and budget information.  Banner is an integrated database system, meaning multiple applications share information as well as storing information separately.  Internet-native Banner, commonly referenced as Banner, is an interface used by campus business departments to access the Banner data, and Webopus is a self-service internet application that is commonly used by individuals to access data that pertains specifically to them and their own records.

Access to Banner requires an individual account.  Accounts can be requested by your director or supervisor using Request AIS and Banner Access.  Once an account is established, your director or supervisor may request specifice data permissions from the data steward for Banner module for which you need access.

All students, faculty, staff and alumni have access to Webopus using their FLC network login account.  The level of permissions in Webopus is dependent upon the roles you may have in the Banner system.  For example, some employees are also former students or alumni, so they have permissions to see their student records as well as employee records.

If you have questions about requesting Banner accounts or permissions, Webopus, or other Banner information, please contact or call 970-247-7444.